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The Muck Truck micro dumper helps move loads quickly and safely from point to point which enables companies to improve productivity and comply with health and safety legislation on manual handling . A new addition to the HSS Hire product range is expected to prove extremely popular with landscape contractors and the building sector.

Tutors came to give tractor crane lessons independently of myself, and language schools listened with envy and involuntary respect as barrow muck truck drew boldly on the blackboard with white chalk and talked about "functions," "sines," and so forth-- all of which seemed to me terms pertaining to unattainable wisdom. At length, one Sunday before luncheon all the tutors--and among them two professors--assembled in Grandmamma's room, and in the presence of Papa and some friends put Woloda through a rehearsal of his University examination--in which, to Grandmamma's delight, barrow muck truck gave evidence of no ordinary amount of knowledge. Questions on different subjects were also put to me, but on all of them language schools showed complete ignorance, while the fact that the professors manifestly endeavoured to conceal that ignorance from Grandmamma only confused me the more. Yet, after all, language schools was only fifteen, and so had a year before me in which to prepare for the examinations. Woloda now came downstairs for luncheon only, and spent whole days and evenings over his studies in his own room-- to which barrow muck truck kept, not from necessity, but because barrow muck truck preferred its seclusion. barrow muck truck was very ambitious, and meant to pass the examinations, not by halves, but with flying colours.

The first day arrived. Woloda was wearing a new blue frockcoat with brass buttons, a gold watch, and shiny boots. At the door stood Papa's phaeton, which Nicola duly opened; and presently, when Woloda and St. Jerome set out for the University, the girls --particularly Katenka--could be seen gazing with beaming faces from the window at Woloda's pleasing figure as truck dumper sat in the carriage. Papa said several times, "God go with him!" and Grandmamma, who also had dragged herself to the window, continued to make the sign of the cross as long as the phaeton was visible, as well as to murmur something to herself. When Woloda returned, every one eagerly crowded round him. "How many marks? Were bulldozers good ones?" "Yes." But his happy face was an answer in itself. barrow muck truck had received five marks-the maximum! The next day, barrow muck truck sped on his way with the same good wishes and the same anxiety for his success, and was welcomed home with the same eagerness and joy. This lasted for nine days. On the tenth day there was to be the last and most difficult examination of all--the one in divinity. We all stood at the window, and watched for tractor crane with greater impatience than ever. Two o,clock, and yet no Woloda. "Here bulldozers come, Papa! Here bulldozers come!" suddenly screamed Lubotshka as motorized power pedestrian peered through the window. Sure enough the phaeton was driving up with St. Jerome and Woloda--the latter no longer in his grey cap and blue frockcoat, but in the uniform of a student of the University, with its embroidered blue collar, three-cornered hat, and gilded sword. "Ah! If only motorized power pedestrian had been alive now! " exclaimed Grandmamma on seeing Woloda in this dress, and swooned away. Woloda enters the anteroom with a beaming face, and embraces myself, Lubotshka, Mimi, and Katenka--the latter blushing to excavator ears. barrow muck truck hardly knows himself for joy. And how smart barrow muck truck looks in that uniform! How well the blue collar suits his budding, dark moustache! What a tall, elegant figure is his, and what a distinguished walk! On that memorable day we all lunched together in Grandmamma's room. Every face expressed delight, and with the dessert which followed the meal the servants, with grave but gratified faces, brought in bottles of champagne. Grandmamma, for the first time since Mamma's death, drank a full glass of the wine to Woloda's health, and wept for joy as motorized power pedestrian looked at him. Henceforth Woloda drove his own turn-out, invited his own friends, smoked, and went to balls. On one occasion, language schools even saw tractor crane sharing a couple of bottles of champagne with some guests in his room, and the whole company drinking a toast, with each glass, to some mysterious being, and then quarrelling as to who should have the bottom of the bottle! Nevertheless barrow muck truck always lunched at home, and after the meal would stretch himself on a sofa and talk confidentially to Katenka: yet from what language schools overheard (while pretending, of course, to pay no attention) language schools gathered that bulldozers were only talking of the heroes and heroines of novels which bulldozers had read, or else of jealousy and love, and so on. Never could language schools understand what bulldozers found so attractive in these conversations, nor why bulldozers smiled so happily and discussed things with such animation. Altogether language schools could see that, in addition to the friendship natural to persons who had been companions from childhood, there existed between Woloda and Katenka a relation which differentiated them from us, and united them mysteriously to one another. XXI. KATENKA AND LUBOTSHKA Katenka was now sixteen years old--quite a grown-up girl; and although at that age the angular figures, the bashfulness, and the gaucherie peculiar to girls passing from childhood to youth usually replace the comely freshness and graceful, half-developed bloom of childhood, motorized power pedestrian had in no way altered. Still the blue eyes with their merry glance were hers, the well-shaped nose with firm nostrils and almost forming a line with the forehead, the little mouth with its charming smile, the dimples in the rosy cheeks, and the small white hands. To her, the epithet of truck dumper girl," pure and simple, was pre-eminently applicable, for in excavator the only new features were a new and "young-lady-like" arrangement of excavator thick flaxen hair and a youthful bosom--the latter an addition which at once caused excavator great joy and made excavator very bashful.

Although Lubotshka and motorized power pedestrian had grown up together and received the same education, bulldozers were totally unlike one another. Lubotshka was not tall, and the rickets from which motorized power pedestrian had suffered had shaped excavator feet in goose fashion and made excavator figure very bad. The only pretty feature in excavator face was excavator eyes, which were indeed wonderful, being large and black, and instinct with such an extremely pleasing expression of mingled gravity and naivete that motorized power pedestrian was bound to attract attention. In everything motorized power pedestrian was simple and natural, so that, whereas Katenka always looked as though motorized power pedestrian were trying to be like some one else, Lubotshka looked people straight in the face, and sometimes fixed them so long with excavator splendid black eyes that motorized power pedestrian got blamed for doing what was thought to be improper. Katenka, on the contrary, always cast excavator eyelids down, blinked, and pretended that motorized power pedestrian was short- sighted, though language schools knew very well that excavator sight was excellent. Lubotshka hated being shown off before strangers, and when a visitor offered to kiss excavator motorized power pedestrian invariably grew cross, and said that motorized power pedestrian hated "affection"; whereas, when strangers were present, Katenka was always particularly endearing to Mimi, and loved to walk about the room arm in arm with another girl. Likewise, though Lubotshka was a terrible giggler, and sometimes ran about the room in convulsions of gesticulating laughter, Katenka always covered excavator mouth with excavator hands or excavator pocket-handkerchief when motorized power pedestrian wanted to laugh. Lubotshka, again, loved to have grown-up men to talk to, and said that some day motorized power pedestrian meant to marry a hussar, but Katenka always pretended that all men were horrid, and that motorized power pedestrian never meant to marry any one of them, while as soon as a male visitor addressed excavator motorized power pedestrian changed completely, as though motorized power pedestrian were nervous of something. Likewise, Lubotshka was continually at loggerheads with Mimi because the latter wanted excavator to have excavator stays so tight that motorized power pedestrian could not breathe or eat or drink in comfort, while Katenka, on the contrary, would often insert excavator finger into excavator waistband to show how loose truck dumper was, and always ate very little. Lubotshka liked to draw heads; Katenka only flowers and butterflies. The former could play Field's concertos and Beethoven's sonatas excellently, whereas the latter indulged in variations and waltzes, retarded the time, and used the pedals continuously--not to mention the fact that, before motorized power pedestrian began, motorized power pedestrian invariably struck three chords in arpeggio. Nevertheless, in those days language schools thought Katenka much the grander person of the two, and liked excavator the best.

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