Basic knowledge on Singapore roads

If you are interested to drive in Singapore, you should possess basic knowledge on Singapore roads. Every countries have their own traffic system and road conditions. Being a good driver in one country does not necessarily makes you a good driver in another country. You will have to get used to the road conditions in every country.

Here are some basic knowledge that you will need to know if you want to drive in Singapore.

1. Left-hand traffic
In Singapore, vehicles drive on the left side of the road. The extreme left lane will be for cars traveling at the slowest speed and the lanes on the right will be for faster traffic, in increasing order.

2. Vehicles are right-hand drive
As a result of left-hand traffic, vehicles are right-hand drive in Singapore. This means that the driver seat will be at the front right side of the car.

3. Safe driving conditions
In my opinion, Singapore roads are one of the safest and well-maintained roads in the world. The roads are properly smoothed out resulting in smooth and comfortable rides on the road. Good traffic systems are in placed to monitor and facilitate the flow of traffic. Good drainage system are also in place near the roads so that the roads will not be flooded in the event of rain. Adequate lamp lights are also installed along the roads in Singapore to provide a brightly lit environment during the night. Last but not least, the driving culture in road is friendly. There are not much road rage and accidents in Singapore.

4. Strict speed limit
The speed limit on most roads in Singapore range between 60 km/hour to 90 km/hour. If anyone violates this speed limit, they risk getting traffic demerit points which could cost them their driving license in Singapore. Without the driving license, you will lose the rights to drive in Singapore. Hence, do not expect to speed in Singapore. You may be able to drive at between 150 km/hour to 200 km/hour in other countries, but this is not possible in Singapore.