Evaluate your Singapore private driving instructor

I am a man with high standards and demand the same for the people around me. This includes my private driving instructors as well. I would be critical and take note of everything they taught in each lesson. I was constantly evaluating my private driving instructor – whether he is teaching me as fast as he can, or whether he just wants to drag the lessons so he can earn more money from me.

I think that most learner drivers in Singapore do not evaluate their Singapore private driving instructors. Most learner drivers are timid to question the private driving instructors. There is a common mindset that the teachers will always be right and the students cannot ask anything much. Otherwise, it will be seen as a rude gesture. This common mindset enables some of the private driving instructors to take advantage of the leaner drivers over time. As long as you feel that there is something weird going on about the instructor, you should consider changing your instructor.

It is easy to change your private driving instructors in Singapore. Simply find a private driving instructor agency and let them match you up with a private driving instructor. There are usually no service charges for their services. You can find one of them here – Sglearntodrive (https://plus.google.com/+Sglearntodriveofficial). Contact them via email or phone SMS, and they should get back to you within a day. Expect to be matched up with a new driving instructor within 3 days. However, during busy periods, this could take up to 1 to 2 weeks. One benefit of using these agencies is also because of the waiver of registration fees for subsequent driving instructors should you want to change instructor. If you approach the instructors yourself, you will be paying the registration fee each time you switch instructor.

Remember, do not short-change yourself. You deserve a good private driving instructor.

Timing and frequency to take your Singapore driving lessons

For Singapore learner drivers, you can choose whether to start taking your Singapore driving lessons after you pass your Basic Theory Test (BTT) or Final Theory Test (FTT). The main advantage of taking your practical test right after you pass your Basic Theory Test (BTT) is that it will help you prepare for your FTT. By practicing on the road, you will learn better and understand the concept of driving described in your FTT book faster. This is essentially learning by doing.

On the other hand, if you wait till you pass your FTT before you go for your private driving lessons, there are two main advantages. Firstly, there won’t be unnecessary lesson gaps for you before you take your practical test. If you had started taking driving lessons after you pass your BTT, you will at least be taking lessons for four months before your practical test. This is because you will have to wait 2 months for your FTT after passing BTT. After that, you have to wait another 2 months for your practical test after passing your FTT. Hence, your lessons will be spread across 4 months instead of 2 months if you start taking lessons after you pass BTT instead of FTT. I would think that it is better if the driving lessons are tighter, instead of being loosely spread out. People may forgot some techniques if they never drive for a long time. The second advantage is that people who generally take their driving lessons after they pass FTT will take fewer lessons overall as compared to people who start taking their driving lessons after they pass their BTT. This will result in lower lesson cost for these people.

The frequency to take your Singapore driving lessons will hugely depending on your driving experience and your ability. For instance, people who had learnt driving (during their national service in Army or during their overseas stay) will take much fewer lessons than people who had not. The average number of lessons learner drivers take is about 20 lessons.