Evaluate your Singapore private driving instructor

I am a man with high standards and demand the same for the people around me. This includes my private driving instructors as well. I would be critical and take note of everything they taught in each lesson. I was constantly evaluating my private driving instructor – whether he is teaching me as fast as he can, or whether he just wants to drag the lessons so he can earn more money from me.

I think that most learner drivers in Singapore do not evaluate their Singapore private driving instructors. Most learner drivers are timid to question the private driving instructors. There is a common mindset that the teachers will always be right and the students cannot ask anything much. Otherwise, it will be seen as a rude gesture. This common mindset enables some of the private driving instructors to take advantage of the leaner drivers over time. As long as you feel that there is something weird going on about the instructor, you should consider changing your instructor.

It is easy to change your private driving instructors in Singapore. Simply find a private driving instructor agency and let them match you up with a private driving instructor. There are usually no service charges for their services. You can find one of them here – Sglearntodrive (https://plus.google.com/+Sglearntodriveofficial). Contact them via email or phone SMS, and they should get back to you within a day. Expect to be matched up with a new driving instructor within 3 days. However, during busy periods, this could take up to 1 to 2 weeks. One benefit of using these agencies is also because of the waiver of registration fees for subsequent driving instructors should you want to change instructor. If you approach the instructors yourself, you will be paying the registration fee each time you switch instructor.

Remember, do not short-change yourself. You deserve a good private driving instructor.

How to get good private driving instructors in Singapore?

The route to getting your driving license in Singapore is filled with excitement. I believe that almost everyone will feel thrilled to start their driving experience in Singapore. After you tackled the question of “who to learn driving from in Singapore“, it’s time to tackle the next question – how to engage those instructors in Singapore? It’s pretty straight forward to engage the school driving instructors – simply head to the driving centres and enroll in their practical lessons.

However, things are not so easy to engage private driving instructors in Singapore. Private driving instructors in Singapore are much less accessible than school driving instructors. One reason is that these private driving instructors seldom carry out marketing for themselves. You don’t find advertisements about them on the newspapers, magazines or any other offline marketing platforms. The second reason is that there aren’t a central driving centre where these private driving instructors gather. These instructors work on a freelance basis. Most of the students need to contact them directly in order to book private driving lessons with them.

Here are some of the few ways on how you can attempt to engage the Singapore private driving instructors.

1. Match up Agencies

Match up agencies such as SGLEARNTODRIVE are dedicated to match up learner drivers to private driving instructors. While some match up agencies charge a fee for their service, Sglearntodrive does not. Learner drivers can save their time looking around for the instructors on their own. Simply sit back and relax and let the match up agencies do the work for them.

2. Referrals

If you do not trust anyone outside your social circle, then you can only ask for referrals from your social circle. Ask your relatives and close friends for recommendations on good private driving instructors in Singapore. Usually, it won’t go wrong.

Basic knowledge on Singapore roads

If you are interested to drive in Singapore, you should possess basic knowledge on Singapore roads. Every countries have their own traffic system and road conditions. Being a good driver in one country does not necessarily makes you a good driver in another country. You will have to get used to the road conditions in every country.

Here are some basic knowledge that you will need to know if you want to drive in Singapore.

1. Left-hand traffic
In Singapore, vehicles drive on the left side of the road. The extreme left lane will be for cars traveling at the slowest speed and the lanes on the right will be for faster traffic, in increasing order.

2. Vehicles are right-hand drive
As a result of left-hand traffic, vehicles are right-hand drive in Singapore. This means that the driver seat will be at the front right side of the car.

3. Safe driving conditions
In my opinion, Singapore roads are one of the safest and well-maintained roads in the world. The roads are properly smoothed out resulting in smooth and comfortable rides on the road. Good traffic systems are in placed to monitor and facilitate the flow of traffic. Good drainage system are also in place near the roads so that the roads will not be flooded in the event of rain. Adequate lamp lights are also installed along the roads in Singapore to provide a brightly lit environment during the night. Last but not least, the driving culture in road is friendly. There are not much road rage and accidents in Singapore.

4. Strict speed limit
The speed limit on most roads in Singapore range between 60 km/hour to 90 km/hour. If anyone violates this speed limit, they risk getting traffic demerit points which could cost them their driving license in Singapore. Without the driving license, you will lose the rights to drive in Singapore. Hence, do not expect to speed in Singapore. You may be able to drive at between 150 km/hour to 200 km/hour in other countries, but this is not possible in Singapore.