Things you will learn from your Singapore driving instructor

Do you like to attend lessons but not sure what you will be learning from all those lessons? Do you always want to know the curriculum of your lessons before you actually go for the lessons? It’s normal. People want to know what they will be learning and how they will be different after the end of the lessons.

driving lessons

When I was a learner driver, I tried to find out the curriculum of the driving lessons in Singapore before my first lesson. However, there are very few sources online containing these information. I had to go to my first lesson with the private driving instructor and spent about 15 minutes to half an hour asking about the course curriculum. I feel that knowing these information beforehand will better prepare myself mentally for the lessons. Moreover, I could go online to search for the relevant information before the lessons to mentally go through the lesson first. For instance, before my actual lesson on parking, I could watch videos on car parking on the Youtube to get a general sense of how it’s done. It’s better than attending the lesson with zero idea of how car parking is done. It will help to quicken the learning.

For the current learner drivers out there, you are fortunate – I’m going to give you a run-through of the things you will be learning from your local driving instructor in Singapore.

In the first lesson, learner drivers will start off learning about the gears and buttons inside the car. The instructor will teach the student about every buttons the car have and their associated features. It will basically be a “get-to-know-your-car” session. If there are extra time to spare, you will also be practicing your driving on the road. The driving instructors will teach you the appropriate pressures to apply to the accelerator and the brake pedals. For first-timers, it is common to apply great pressure on the accelerator pedal which will cause the vehicle to move off fast and sudden. Please take note of this.

After you conquer the basic of controlling your accelerator and brake pedals, you will be taught to make left and right turns effectively. In addition, you will also be taught to navigate around the bends safely. Remember not to speed up when navigating around the bends.

After which, you will be learning to make U-turns and then the parking techniques. Parking techniques will include techniques to nail vertical parking and parallel parking. These are basically all the things you will need to know about driving.