How To Pass Your Singapore Driving Test With Flying Colours

Here are some practical tips to help you pass your driving test in Singapore with flying colours and get your Singapore driving licence on the first try of the driving test!

Step 1: Always look for a good local private driving instructor in Singapore. It’s so important to look for a good instructor, because no matter how much you learn about driving online, putting the tips into practice is what really matters and is what will help you get used to the actual mechanics of driving.

Step 2: Understand and accept the truth that the reason 99% of students fail is not really because of the technique, but because they make small mistakes like not checking blind spots (one too many will net you a fail), and nervousness. There are people who fail because they hit the curb while driving or turning around the corner, but the percentage of those cases are low. Most people simply fail because they make minor errors way too often. Remember that checking your blind spot doesn’t count to the tester if he or she cannot see you checking. Make sure to always physically move your head around and not just your eyes when checking the blind spots. Make sure he sees your head turning around to check every possible blind spot.

Step 3: When the traffic light turns green, please go! There are some students who try to look safe by moving off slowly… (although this is a small percentage of students) You will get penalty points for slow moving off.

Step 4: The old adage – practice like you’re in the competition, and compete like you’re in practice. This is important. Treat every training and private driving lesson as though it’s the real thing. This is important because you acclimatize yourself to the ‘stress’ you would feel during the actual exam.

Step 5: Finally, be confident. I know you may make mistakes, but still appear confident. The tester can ‘erase’ your minor mistakes if you’re confident. The last thing a tester wants to see is a scared driver. A scared driver does worse things on the road and causes more accidents than a confident one. Appear confident, and achieve this by practising during your private driving lessons as though you’re in the real test – all the time!!!

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