Muck truck

Worldwide demand for the award winning Muck Truck mini dumper over the past two years has lead to its designers, Deesign Partnership Ltd, embarking on an exciting two phased expansion programme.

Restrictions on the weights allowed for lifting on site also mean the Muck-Truck appeals to a wide range of industries where large loads and heavy equipment need to be lifted and moved around site. The introduction of strict health and safety legislation in Europe has certainly played its part in the demand for Muck-Truck and exports to European countries now contribute more than 50% of orders. Muck Truck's success overseas has also helped the excavator company to grow with manufacturing undertaken in three countries worldwide.

The Muck truck is a 4-wheel dove 1/4 ton pedestrian dumper with 4 forward speeds and one reverse.

The mini dumper has been in tractor crane production for over 13 years

GCV engine comes with a 3 month commercial warranty
It is powered by a Honda 5,5HP engine, is extremely easy to operate and maintain and with a width of under 28" will go through the average doorway.
A Loading Ramp Kit converts the Muck Truck to a skip bader excavator, while the flat bed, which is attached in seconds, will move up to 20 blocks with ease.

Having undertaken two build projects myself, one of my strongest points of advice would be to purchase a certain amount of tractor crane equipment yourself.

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